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Silver Canadian Coins (1858-1967)

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The silver Canadian coins that were minted at London's Royal Mint beginning in 1858 were five-cent, ten-cent and twenty-cent coins containing 92.5 percent silver. The twenty-five cent coin (silver Canadian quarter) replaced the twenty-cent coin in 1870 and the fifty-cent coin (silver Canadian half-dollar) was introduced.

Some of these silver coins were minted by the Heaton Mint (a privately owned mint located in Birmingham, England) and bear the "H" mint mark. In 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint was established to begin production of Canada's coins.

Silver coins with 92.5 percent silver fineness...

Silver Canadian Nickel(1858-1919): Silver Content=.0347 Troy ounces*
Silver Canadian Dime(1858-1919): Silver Content=.0690 Troy ounces*
Silver Canadian Twenty-Cent Coin(1858): Silver Content=.1382 Troy ounces*
Silver Canadian Quarter(1870-1919): Silver Content=.1730 Troy ounces*
Silver Canadian Half-Dollar(1870-1919): Silver Content=.3456 Troy ounces*

*The silver content for the above coins are for uncirculated coins. Circulated coins have a slightly lower silver content due to their wear in being circulated.

Note: There are approximately 31.103 grams in a Troy ounce.

Due to the rising price of silver, the Canadian government made the decision to reduce the amount of silver in their coins to 80 percent. This started in 1920 and continued until 1967.

Canadian Nickels containing silver were discontinued after 1921. 1967 was the last year Silver Canadian Dollars (pictured below) were struck for general circulation.

Silver coins with 80 percent silver fineness...

Canadian Silver Dimes(1920-1967): Silver Content=.0585 Troy ounces*
Canadian Silver Quarters(1920-1967): Silver Content=.1463 Troy ounces*
Canadian Silver Half-Dollars(1920-1967): Silver Content=.2925 Troy ounces*
Canadian Silver Dollars(1936-1967): Silver content=.600 Troy ounces.*

*The silver content for the above coins are for circulated coins. Uncirculated coins have a slightly higher silver content due to lack of circulation "wear".

By mid-1967, Canada reduced the silver content of the Canadian Dime and Canadian Quarter from 80 to 50 percent and silver half-dollars were discontinued after 1967.

By mid-1968, silver was removed from all Canadian coins of these denominations.

Silver coins with 50 percent silver fineness...

Canadian Silver Dime(1967-1968): Silver Content=.0375 Troy ounces,Gross Wt.=2.33grams
Canadian Silver Quarter(1967-1968): Silver Content=.0937 Troy ounces, Gross Wt.=5.81 grams

[Most Recent Quotes from]To determine the approximate value of a Silver Canadian Coin, multiply the amount of silver (in Troy ounces) by the current spot price of silver. The chart at right shows the current spot price of one troy ounce of silver in Canadian dollars. To see the current spot silver price in U.S. dollars, go to the Silver Investing Guide Home page.

Example: The approximate value of a Silver Canadian dollar with the spot price of silver at $20.00 Canadian is $12.00 CAD ($20.00 x .6).

Silver Canadian Dollar Obverse View Silver Canadian Dollar Reverse View

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